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In 1951, Mr. Sang arun and Ms. Laor Upariputtipong , the founder of  Ngoy Meng Hua limited partnership, started their small notebook business on Plangnam  Rd. , which initially targeted at stationary stores in China town area and gradually expanded markets to other areas in Bangkok.

During the first 20 years, the company continuously expanded its markets and customer group by offering variety of products to better serve for customers’ need and is considered one of the best company offering  variety of products  to stationary market. From the philosophy of the company, Ngoy Meng Hua has been well known and well accepted in the stationary market in term of quality and service. The product portfolio of Meng hua is ranging from soft covered notebook, hard covered and accounting notebook, notepad , drawing notebook and wiring notebook under brand “VENUS” has long been in the market for many decades. 


In 1982, Mr. Sompop Upariputtipong, the current partner manager, saw the potential and opportunity in school markets and started to expand business to school market by producing school notebook with each school’s symbol printed on the cover to many schools nationwide. From this point, the company’s reputation in terms of reliability and quality has spread  over the stationary market in Thailand.  With the company’s reliability,  Ngoy Meng Hua has been appointed by the education ministry to produce school notebooks for many schools  until now.

In addition to  factory on Narathivas Rd.,  Ngoy Meng Hua expands capacity to new factory located in Samutsakorn province. With 16 rai areas,  Ngoy Meng Hua significantly invested in the state- of- the art exercise book machine to increase more  production capacity  and  has the most automatic notebook production machines in Thailand, which  can produce at as many as 600,000 notebooks per day.  The company also invested in other equipment such as pre-press , printing and  binding technology to expand product line and variety. The company’s various products nowadays have been developed to serve every market including export market , offices , wholesalers, discount stores such as Makro and lotus,  premium  and gift shop market.


For corporate social responsibility, the company also welcomes all students, teachers, customers, suppliers and people who are interested in company’s innovative production to visit the factory and to help support students or schools in remote area with  notebooks donation.   


We aim ourselves to be the biggest exercise book manufacturer which can serve market need  in every aspect. Also, we intend to be part of country’s education improvement  and Thai people’s most efficient use through our provision of school supplies.